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    Types of Fistulas

    1.Superficial Anal Fistula: This type of anal fistula starts in the anal gland and moves to the anus
    2.Intersphincteric Anal Fistula: This type of anal fistula is between the internal and external anal sphincter muscles
    3.Transsphincteric Anal Fistula: This type of anal fistula starts in the anal gland and passes through both anal sphincters to the skin around the anus.
    4.Extrasphincteric Anal Fistula: This type of anal fistula is an uncommon type that involves a tunnel outside of the anus.

      Fistula treatments at Surgeon For U

      1.Video-Assisted Treatment: Precise visualization and treatment for complex fistulas.
      2.LIFT Procedure: Effective closure for complex anal fistulas.
      3.Fibrin Glue: Sealing and healing of simple fistulas.
      4.Biodegradable Setons: Gradual drainage with natural dissolving.
      5.FiLaC: Fistula tract Laser Closure.
      6.Advanced Imaging: Accurate visualization for treatment planning.
      7.Surgical Lasers: Promoting closure using laser ablation.
      8.Bioactive Fistula Plug: Biomaterial-based plug for gradual healing.
      9.Minimally Invasive Approaches: Laparoscopic and robotic options for complex cases.

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        An abscess, an infected cavity in the anus, and a hole on the skin surrounding the anus are connected by a short tunnel called an anal fistula.

        The external opening through which the body exhales wastes is called the anus. Numerous tiny glands that produce mucus are located right inside the anus. These glands can occasionally become clogged and infected, which can result in an abscess. These abscesses have a 50/50 chance of turning into fistulas.


        Anal fistula warning signs and symptoms include:

        • A lot of anal abscesses
        • Anus discomfort and swelling
        • excretion (pus) from a hole surrounding the anus that is red or smells bad. Following the fistula’s drainage, the pain could lessen.
        • Anus-related skin irritation caused by drainage
        • Having bowel motions hurt
        • Bleeding
        • Having a fever, chills, and feeling generally worn out

        Anal fistulas are usually typically treated surgically. An expert in colon and rectal surgery performs the operation. The aim of the procedure is to strike a compromise between closing the fistula and safeguarding the anal sphincter muscles, which could get injured and lead to incontinence.

        The majority of fistula surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures, allowing the patient to leave on the same day. After the procedure, patients with exceptionally wide or deep fistula tunnels might need to spend some time in the hospital. To remove some fistulas, many procedures may be necessary.

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