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Dr Bala Ganesh Vedati

Consultant General, Laparoscopic, Laser, Robotic Surgeon

Minimal Invasive surgery Trained Surgical oncologist

Proctology (Colorectal Surgeon)

Podiatric (Diabetic Footcare Specialist)

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He is among the top A.S.I. (Association of Surgeons of India) members who have observed and research robotic surgery and Proctology. His unprecedented journey had started in 2008 when he pursued M.B.B.S. from Dr D.Y Patil Deemed University, Kolhapur. His professional, excellent starts from here, and he continued to enrich his medical knowledge with Fellowship course F.M.A.S., D.M.A.S., R.I.R.C.S. at World Laparoscopy hospitals, Gurgaon, Delhi. Later, he completed his M.S. in General Surgery, followed by his training as a surgical oncologist. 

Primary Services

laparoscopic surgery


Laparoscopy can be used to help the diagnosis of conditions that develop inside the abdomen or pelvis. It can also be used to carry out surgical procedures, such as removing a damaged or diseased organ, or removing a tissue sample testing for biopsy

laser surgery


Laser surgery is a type of surgery uses to cut a damaged tissue. Examples include the use of a laser scalpel in otherwise conventional surgery, and soft-tissue laser surgery, in which the laser beam vaporizes soft tissue with high water content.

podiatric surgery


A podiatric surgeon can perform surgery to correct foot and ankle injuries, bone spurs and other problems. Whether dealing with a nagging sports injury or a debilitating foot deformity, our doctors can help you to return to normal life with in the time.

Other Services

Robotic surgeries


Complex procedures with more precision, flexibility and control possible with conventional techniques. Robotic surgery is usually associated with minimally invasive surgery procedures  performed through tiny incisions

proctology services


You might want to request a referral to a proctologist if  you have any discomfort related to the anal and rectal region such as:  Itching or burning in the anus. Pain in the anus or rectum. Bleeding or other discharge from the anus

general surgeries


General surgery is a surgical specialty.  Focuses on abdominal contents including the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix and bile ducts, and often the thyroid gland

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